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August Flower Reading for Animal Companions

For this month, the Spirit of Amarylis has come through and she is saying to the human folk who are guardians of animals, who have animal companions that it is now time to give full attention to them. The animal companions worldwide are depleted of energy, drained and completely out of balance. Ignite that spark, that energy between you both. Fuel them with nourishment of the body, mind and soul. And the flower deva is saying no, not human but true primal wild nourishment. It is time to assist your animal friends and bring them back in harmony or begin to follow such a path to bring a renewed harmony.

This flower is mainly associated with the lower chakras so it is likely that many animal companions out there are feeling very insecure, overwhelmed, not rooted in nature. I won’t be surprised if many have developed digestive problems, problems with their hind legs and a weakness of the immune system.

I believe many animals have been somewhat neglected during these difficult times and I don’t necessarily mean dreadful neglect, during these difficult times. Yes, probably relied upon for comfort, love and support. But many have talked about how the train of isolation, being cooped up indoors affected mental well-being. So what about our animal friends? They endure far more than we can imagine but are always there for us. They are far more sensitive and aware yet a constant companion, source of comfort and companionship. But their needs are just as important as humans. Yes, this year has been hard for so so many, and many for such good reasons for instance living in abusive homes, financial stress, loneliness and so on and yes, animals offer healing on so many levels. I know from my own trillions of experiences with my own companions and my journey in Animal Assisted Therapy. But healers too need healing – your animal companions too need healing, need you to listen to them, they need nourishment. So, the Deva of Amarylis is asking you to support your animal companions, fulfil their true instinctual and behavioural needs including freedom and of course, support them emotionally. It is now time to help them feel safe and secure again. There is this strong energy that many animal companions are completely depleted of energy or frustrated with pent up energy which may be seen as aggressive or “bad” behaviour. It is time to be there fully, unconditionally for all our animal friends. It is time to listen to them.

There is this great sense of worry from myself and the Nature Spirits that many animals are now being misunderstood, subjected to harsh training methods because it has been a very difficult time for them too and no one is listening to them, not even their guardians.

We see the outer edges of this flower and beautiful vibrant red, which is linked to the root chakra, to the earth and speaks of security, basic needs and instinct. And the outer aspects, the environmental situation as caused a great insecurity, a lack of belonging and a disconnection. Maybe not being able to be out in nature, o express basic needs. And of course, many animals live such a way even before the pandemic such as dogs always been left home, only stuck in a small garden, always tied to a tight leash, some stuck in a barn. Many cats are house cats never to feel the touch of grass, receive the important vitamin D from the sun. And many rabbits suffer the same whether only feeling the touch of carpet or just being stuck in a hutch or horses being kept in stalls. Whatever the case, this is a time for positive change. Make changes now. It is time to truly listen to our animal friends and what it is exactly they need for themselves not once humans put upon them. Take forward steps. But as I was saying, many animal companions such as dogs were maybe not able to be outdoors as much due to the lockdown. So instead of being annoyed with anu unwanted behaviour, stop, truly understand and listen to them.

It is important now to boosts your animal friend’s energy, to stimulate circulation. You may have noticed changes, maybe a lack of energy or maybe instead pent up energy, frustration or anxiety. Every animal is different, so it is up to you to be fully aware of your own animal’s energy, their own essence. It is important to look at boosting their primal energy to help them feel once again rooted deep into the earth, to feel that belonging and security. You could try using colour reds in their environment whether it be their bedding or for instance using red crystals or even displaying flowers. Maybe try and get fresh amaryllis even. But my bet is that house plants are the most powerful and truly getting out in nature. But home life is vital too so make it secure, with a sense of rootedness and belonging. Maybe think of adding red foods into their diet such as cranberries and that beautiful red wild salmon. Of course, proper healthy natural nutrition is of upmost importance for your animal’s well-being. Maybe the changes that you may wish to make are looking to your animal’s nutrition whether it be feline, equine, canine or our smaller furry, feathered or scaled friends. Maybe seek out natural nutritionist or explore various foods available.

Also, do you look to your animals and recognise that he/she too has a unique and equally important purpose? Reach out, ask, listen, contemplate and help nurture it.

With the orange colour in this flower, it highlights a need for emotional expression – let your animal express themselves freely. Too often many look to dog trainers who instill (not all) control whereas instead we should be encouraging our animal friends to be individual, to express freely and to choose freely. When we give them that freedom, they will follow us anywhere and trust us completely. (This is general as indeed, like anyone, human or animal companion, boundaries are important but a different subject from what this flower Deva is wanting to share).

It is very likely that many animals have been in stressful environments during lcokdown and the chaos of the pandemic overall. And of course, animals are unable to escape these disharmonious environments, lockdown or no lockdown.

There is also a message of uplifting, fun and play – offer this always. This is again highlighting an importance to support your animal’s immune system. Energy is not flowing properly. Do you notice changes to their overall being? Their coat? How they walk? Energy levels? Mood?

Animals have been picking up all the negativity of all those around and therefore the global stress and anxiety. This energy is stored within their being becoming stagnant, stuck deep within and can been seen through physical issues. It is now time to help and remove that negative stored energy which could be causing depression, anxiety or even aggression in your animal. A message came through that maybe using calendula/marigold herb as a nutritional benefit can assist your animal. There is also a lovely yellow in this flower at the very heart and he core aspect, at the heart of the animal’s soul. This indicates that animal companions have been giving their energy away to help assist others, and this could be seen with problems with the nervous system and digestion. Many animals have a purpose to truly be healers, to help assist but it is vital too that they are nourished and as guardians it is our duty to do just that.

What is your animal trying to tell you? Amarylis are from the bulb family so again it speaks of soring of energy and in this aspect it is not about storing and preparing energy for the future but rather to dispel, to ground and release that negative energy trapped energetically with animal companions. Animals are storing so much within their being whether frustration, stresses from external environments. It is now time to help your animal release anything that is depleting their energy and help them find balance, vitality and their own rue nature.

The Deva is saying that animal companions need to get moving be active, communicate freely and ignite that firey aspect of renewal and hope.

It is time for you to be open to new ideas into helping establish a more harmonious life for your animal friends and for yourself – deeper bonds are awaiting with this renewal, this change…

We have a vibrant fire elemental dancing forth from the amaryllis sparking changes, renewal, burst of energy and a new dawning for you and your animal. Do not give up, do not be despondent. We are all learning and growing. It is now time to bring that hope, that strength, vitality and strength to your animal friends and a renewed wondrous relationship.

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