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A New Year, A New Chapter Unfolding

Well, I can honestly say that 2020 wasn’t the greatest of times, was it? But my hope is that it did bring people together, brought communities together, bridged families and encouraged the importance for a simpler way of life. I hope we can carry on some of the glimmers of beauty, light, compassion, hope and courage which took hold despite amidst the despair, grief and darkness from 2020 and build an even better world for people, for animals, nature and the earth as a whole. Lets not give up now. Keep your spirits high and find that courage to emerge fully from the despair out in to a new, awakened and hopeful time.

For me, there shall be many changes to Chanting Willows. I am currently planting the seeds and beginning to nurture them to bloom and take roots in spring. At the moment Chanting Willows site is going through some little changes, and I will be undergoing the process of registering as a non-profit, Chanting Willows Animal Healing & Sanctuary and also Starfire Horse Rescue. The ideas are still brewing but definitely little shoots are beginning to appear to reveal my hopes and dreams fulfilled. It won’ t be an easy journey but for sure it will be rewarding and an adventure.

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