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Dental Day

Today was dental day for ponies Gwennol, Thomthumb and Morwena. I was desperate to get Morwena’s teeth seen to but wanted her to settle in with the herd and get to know me and feel safe with me more. Gwennol behaved so well. She is a pony who continually surprises me and each time her confidence and trust in my grows. She has still got that moody temperament and certainly tells you when her personal space boundary is being crossed. She has a fairly large one at times. Thomthumb well, what can I say, he is a cheeky monster! Both their teeth are great so very little done for them. Morwena on the otherhand is a serious matter and my vet could only flush our pockets of food trapped in her mouth. Her eeth are in utter disrepair. Arrangements to get her to a specialist in Edinburgh is called for. And although I am not yet established as a non-profit, I would like to reach out for financial support. And I think I may need to set up a CrowdFund or GoFund. Something I have never done before.

More Updates on Morwena

Update on Morwena’s teeth:
I am waiting to hear back from my vet for best arrangements for her. Unfortunately, it has to be a major treatment for her, and not being sorted in one go. She has extremely huge hooks which are causing all sorts of problems, her teeth are all misaligned and she has diastema and major holes among other issues. She is coping well, how, I have no idea! 🙂 The health of teeth are so vital, for all animals and although she may be coping, eventually it well affect her whole body. So, keep posted in our next steps with getting her all sorted. 🙂

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